What’s the most useful language to learn when travelling around Europe?

Travelling to Europe is I think a dream of travel enthusiasts.  There are many places to visit and it’s where one can discover the best in the renaissance period, it has got to be the continent!  But see, if you are thinking of what language you should become more familiar with to help you around during your travel that really depends.  Remember that there are 27 nations that are members of the European Union and you can find 23 languages widely used.  If you are wishing you could learn all of these languages given a limited time, you must be crazy unless you are kind of a genius.

Surely you won’t need Irish and Maltese much but it all depends actually to where you are headed.


If you are going to Luxembourg, France, Switzerland and Belgium, French will be very useful.  But of course if you will have an extended stay in Lithuania, then Lithuanian will be your best choice, obviously.

When you plan on a European trip, normally the itinerary is would be to visit several countries and the best language you should be most familiar with is English.  I assume you won’t have a problem on that as English is widely used throughout the world.  Though it’s also great if you could learn another language, it can be tricky though.  When visiting Italy, it would really be cool if you could articulate some common Italian lines like “ciao!”for hello, “buongiorno” for good morning,  “grazie” for thank you to enumerate a few.  Being a tourist and having to articulate some of the common lines used in daily conversation make you more welcomed to the place you are visiting because it is an indication how interested you are in their country.

While Spanish is widely used worldwide, it’s more useful in Latin America so really when in Europe it would be Russian, French and German apart from English.

French is of course useful in France but it is not that used outside France so that leaves German and Russian.  Statistics shows that there are more Europeans who speak German compared to other European languages. So when you are in countries that border Austria as well as Germany like Switzerland, Croatia Czech Republic, Hungary or Poland, German will be very useful.  Russian is more popular in the East part of Europe but while most people speak the language it is no longer widely used.

So basically it all depends on where you are going and the goal should just be the common lines used in daily conversations.  Knowing these lines will help you get around.

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