Top 5 cities to visit in Europe

Venice.  When visiting Europe, Venice would surely come to mind.  There is something about Venice that lures thousands of people around the world.  During the summertime, the number of tourists is at its peak.  Venice is enchanting perhaps because of the water that surrounds the city making it unique.  It’s a romantic city at the same time full of history found in the grand churches you can visit.  Apart from that you’ll find the modern art scene captivating as well.  Visiting Venice would be a one of a kind experience; it’s great to visit any time of the year.


Paris. When you think of Paris, most would associate it with love maybe because of how glorious the city is.  It is known to be one of the best cities in the entire world.  With the famous monuments you can find, it just has to be.  The city is vibrant and you can see populated collection of small towns.  When you explore the city away from the flamboyant boulevards and palaces, you can see glorious gardens as well as courtyards you’d love to spend your afternoon in.  The city is filled with historical facades but behind that you’ll also discover interesting craft shops and famous research entities.  I think what makes great about Paris apart from the things you can see is that it is a city that houses lots of people, you can see many living spaces, cafes, playgrounds and food markets.  You just can’t find emptiness!


Rome. When in Rome, you’ll get to enjoy the Mediterranean feel; the climate has it, though milder which draws many visitors to visit the place.  But really, who wouldn’t be drawn to see a city which shows ordinary life as in a stage of a theater?  Vibrancy is everywhere with the eccentric shops, the bustling aperitivo vista and the local trattorias.  There are so many things you can do and so if your time is limited, it will be challenging to decide of what not to include in your itinerary.  There are just many archaeological sites, paintings, piazzas and churches to see.


Amsterdam. When you enjoy the life of a metropolis, you’ll embrace Amsterdam; it’s an exciting city to visit.  There are some disadvantages though, it’s little enough to stroll around or to enjoy a bicycle ride practically anywhere but the good thing is; it is hardly ever dull. The not-so-big gabled buildings, quite bridges and peaceful canals provide a village-like beauty, yet you’ll likewise discover one of the best art museums and among the very best orchestras worldwide.  Amsterdam integrates its splendid past with an ironic, rough, defiant modern edginess.


Florence. When you are an art buff, Florence should be among your list of places to visit.  Florence is among Europe’s excellent art cities. Uffizi Gallery boasts the work of great artists of all times like Michelangelo’s David , Giotto’s frescoes, , canvases by Leonardo da Vinci  and Botticelli, and greats.  There seems to be a lot elegant art and architecture. Florence is a city full of energy as well, with lively dining establishments and night life scene, and a dynamic cultural, symphonic music and modern art. You’ll find it to be a beautiful, historical, filled with wacky stores and quality crafts.


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