Europe’s top winter destinations

Snæfellsnes Peninsula, Iceland. Iceland’s Snæfellsnes peninsula would be a great trip to take when you are travelling west into the North Atlantic Ocean.  The outdoors offer the magnificent view of all, you’ll enjoy the foggy fjords encircled by rocky cliffs, moss-covered lava fields and an imposing volcano crowned with a glacier that goes back to the Glacial epoch.

Snæfellsnes Peninsula, Iceland

Vienna.  The Christmas holidays is evident in the streets of Vienna, you’ll find advent markets, public ice skating rinks and lots of luxurious celebrations. Not to mentions the snow-covered roofs and close-by ski slopes into the mix and you’ll just revel in a European winter season wonderland.

vienna christmas

Salzburg .  Have you ever fantasized having to spend your winter with gorgeous castles, cathedrals and other elaborate baroque structural design all covered in snow?  You will experience all of that in Salzburg; simply taking a look at Salzburg might be adequate to draw you into its city limits. With the Christmas markets and neighboring snowboarding locations, the city is just the perfect winter destination.


Zurich. Zurich’s lively city streets and distance to the Swiss Alps make it a best city to check out in the winter season. Take pleasure in the grand lake vistas and the Middle Ages architecture as you discover the cobblestone streets. Remember to buy some well-known Swiss chocolate while on your way to your city adventure.


Lisbon.  Lisbon’s moderate winter temperature levels hardly ever drop under 50 degrees; however you’ll likely experience some rain. Sustaining the weather will be a great treat and it’s something you’d be happy about: not just are hotel rates lower throughout this time but also numerous traveler websites are much less congested than throughout the summer season.


Paris. The beauty of Paris is active and well in the winter season as well. Heat up by drinking coffee in charming cafes and hang around checking out indoor museums such as the Musée du Louvre, Musée d’Orsay and Musée Rodin, which offer more room this time of year.

paris christmas

Prague. Experience a unique winter in the castles in Prague and underground dining which are best sanctuary from the city’s extreme winter seasons. Be ready with full winter attire so you can also brave the streets to enjoy Prague’s cherished Christmas markets and performances without having to compete with so many tourists.


Venice. If you want to enjoy Venice without the many tourist to deal with during your visit then winter season is the best time to visit this alluring city; it is a low season for Venice during winter. Although you’ll still discover a number of visitors in winter season, you do not have to endure long lines and air travel and hotel rates are more affordable. If you go in February, you’ll love the interesting celebrations of Carnevale.


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