5 Reasons to Visit Manchester

I’ve recently had the pleasure to spend some time in the UK and I’m in Manchester at the moment. The northern English cities don’t get much press but I’ve enjoyed my time here and I wanted to talk about some of the cool stuff there is to do here.


For most individuals who visit the UK, they are excited to see London as well as Edinburgh, but I would like to share with you the reasons to visit Manchester. Manchester has recently gained another title as “England’s Second City”. I can actually write a long list, but here are the top 5 reasons why you should visit Manchester, England in 2016.

 1. Musical History
Are you a music lover? If so, then you’ll find a bunch of reason to visit Manchester.
There is no doubt why it is referred as the “the UK’s Capital of Music” since it has
functioned as the breeding ground for some of the most popular music icons like
Oasis, The Stone Roses, Joy Division and many others. Visitors may take a tour to
see the renowned places or drink and dance the whole night to the groovy sounds of
Northern Quarter District, that is packed with everything from plush bars to classy

2. Multicultural Food Scene
While all of Lancashire is about cakes and pies, Manchester’s soul dishes is more
Asian. There is a great number of Thai and Japanese restaurants but if Cantonese is
what’s best for you, then you’ll find your heaven in Manchester’s Chinatown.
However, I’d say that a visit to Manchester is incomplete without
visiting an Indian restaurant in the ‘Curry Mile’.

3. Check Out Salford Quay
You will see a lot of things at Salford Quay, located at near the Manchester Ship
Canal. Salford Quay has recently undergone a renovation and is now considered as
a major UK tourist destination. It offers a bunch of fun and entertainment – there’s a theater, a shopping center and you can even find the Imperial War Museum and the Lowry Galleries here.

4. Sporting Credentials
Have you ever heard of Manchester United (rhetorical question!)? It is the football club that gave David Beckham to the world, and the other Manchester club, Manchester City, also have world renown. There is no doubt that these world class teams along with other sporting experience and events, like the local cricket and rugby teams, are the top reasons to stop by Manchester in 2016.


5. Maximize Your Shopping Experience
The most confirmed shopaholic will find what they want in Manchester. If you would
like to maximize your shopping experience, the place to go is the Millennium
Quarter – all of the leading labels in the British shopping culture are available at your leisure. And if this is not enough, there is the Trafford Center – the UK’s biggest shopping center with over 250 stores all in one place.

Manchester is actually a city that is making it’s way up, a long way away from the gritty business place it once was. It would really be a lot of fun for several days of exploration, or even for a longer time being a starting point to take a look at nearby cities, towns and its breathtaking countryside. Manchester is a brilliant city consisting of distinctive places that’s making use of their very own unique identity and village experience but with the advantages of a big city may offer. The city and the surrounding areas now features a very modern setting. To top it all off, the prices you’ll find here are vastly lower than what you’ll find in London or some of the larger southern cities like Southampton, making it perfectly suited to location independent entrepreurs who’re on a budget. I’d recommend you give it a try!

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